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Woobin Im

Ph.D. candidate

Research interest: computer vision, optical flow estimation


I'm a Ph.D. candidate at KAIST, South Korea. My research is focused on solving computer vision problems using machine learning. I am especially interested in motion understanding, so I have been working on video-related topics.

How to deal with the lack of labeled datasets is where I have expertise. I have mainly studied optical flow estimation with deep learning in an unsupervised or semi-supervised manner. Recently, I presented two optical flow papers (UnsupSimFlow and FlowSupervisor) at top-tier vision conferences; the two papers are related to unsupervised learning and semi-supervised learning, which are crucial in optical flow learning. I want to research similar topics related to motion understanding and label-efficient learning in the future.

Not only on the topics mentioned above, I'm knowledgeable about general computer vision tasks and robotics. I have implemented my code using Python, C++ with OpenCV, Tensorflow (1 and 2), and Pytorch while participating in many vision-related projects: face recognition, 3D teleportation, and multi-view line matching.

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